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Video Shopping

Showcase your products, facilitate the checkout process, reduce drop-offs and eliminate return


Customer Service

There is no better way to answer your customer’s questions & create trust and loyalty


Booking Appointments

Collect all necessary information to organize a tailored-for-your customer appointment.


Job Interviews

Let your candidates contact you, in a very direct and transparent way. Build the corporate culture you always wanted

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Play Video

Increase trust, and ensure your customers make a purchase they love.

Make it easier for your customers to buy what they are searching for by showcasing and comparing products and their features. Be virtually together with them and look at products in your online store. You may share products with them and even see what products they are looking at in real time.

Guide and support your customers through the checkout process and help them complete their purchase as you would in a regular store. No links and no new windows – it all happens in your regular checkout process.

How it works


One click install on your e-commerce site


Go live or have your customer book an appointment


Let your customer continue shopping in real time


your products!

Give your customers instore service online! Make it easier for them to buy what they are looking for by showcasing and comparing products and their features.

Shopping in
real time!

Guide and support your customers through the checkout process and make sure the customer completes the purchase - no links, no new windows.


Effortlessly interact with customers who prefer texting over voice and video while still experiencing the full features.

Multilingual Support

VClerk supports (in widget and user messages) the following languages: English • German • French • Spanish • Dutch • Portuguese • Norwegian.

What is video shopping?

Video shopping is WAY MORE than just embedding product videos!

With live video calling and face-to-face chatting, it allows you to truly connect with your customers and offer them the shopping experience they deserve…

From personalised recommendations and showing how awesome your products are, to answering all the “difficult questions” like… if you accept a certain payment method and how long it will take to get shipped.

Reduce cart abandonment and returns, increase customer loyalty and boost your sales in an unprecedented level.

VClerk will do these for you. Just try it!

Why video shopping?

Bringing products to life

Showcasing and comparing products could never be delivered off-line. Shoppers may come with any kind of demand. Your sales agents will manage to demonstrate the products the way they would do it physically.

Empowering sales agents

VClerk is not only for e-tailers, you can also use VClerk if you have a physical store. Give your people the opportunity to sell even in times with no customers passing by the physical outlet. Closing a purchase is always for the sales agent revealing, encouraging and uplifting.

ROI you can measure

Ability to get real-time information from real, relatable people.

Simple purchasing experience

Ability to get real-time information from real, relatable people.

Up-sales and added sales

What’s better than fulfilling your customers' demand at the time the latter is ready to buy, and ensure they buy the right product, with the correct added products, maybe you can upsell and turn every sale into impulse sales.

Zero overhead

No need to have physical products in hands. All the products in your product catalog are automatically uploaded and available for you to present them to your customer.

Receive Updates

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Why VClerk?

4k Video Streaming

How many opportunities do you have to create an WOW effect? Well that’s one of them. Try us out and you will experience the same from the first second.

Both Video Chat and Regular Chat – everything in one app! User is able to select the preferred channel or combine the two for a more effective communication.

No developers or technical knowledge is required to install or integrate our widget. A typical marketer is enough to install it and start converting leads

Vclerk, comes with the lowest monthly fee in the market. Starting at $49 it gives you a ROMI (Return on Marketing Investment) every company would wish.

Benefits in numbers

> 0 %
increase in online conversions
> 0 %
of shoppers say online video has given them inspiration for their purchase
> 0 %
of shoppers say that having a real human demonstrating the product is eliminating the hesitation
> 0 %
of all video calls are accepted, 2/3 from desktop and 1/3 from mobile devices

video chats vs. text chats only = 1-0

Video chats convert at twice the rate of regular chats while offering online shoppers the next best thing to actually being in store.



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