ONE-to-ONE video chat

Make your appointments more efficient.

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Offer beauty consultations and treatments to more people wherever they are.
With One-to-One video chat you can examine and assess your clients' needs online before they visit your beauty parlor.


See more patients and help them get the right skin treatment with video examination. Make is easy for everybody, wherever they are, to book a remote medical appointment.

Hair dressers

Give your clients a chance to get a remote consultation from you before they visit your salon. One-to-One video chat allows you to see your clients and plan their hair dressers appointment more efficiently.

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Ιncrease trust, and ensure your clients get the right care.

Make it easier for your clients to get the treatment that is best for them by offering face-to-face consultations that can make physical appointments more efficient. You can make initial real-time assessments of what your client’s needs are and you may offer health and beauty tips based on your video examination. 

Being virtually together helps to establish trust before your clients visit you and provides you with the opportunity to promote the right services to them.  

With VClerk you can book more appointments and even get pre-paid online.

Works with every single website (CMS) provider and website builder.

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your services!

Showcase your services and expertise to your clients before their visit, with live video consultations. Make it easier for them to select the right service that will turn them into happy customers.

Live Appointment

Guide and support your clients in setting their appointment online, making sure they make their booking as tailored as it gets.


Effortlessly interact with customers who prefer texting over voice and video while still experiencing the full features.

What is Video Consulting?

While some people think that video consulting is about embedding videos with advice on e-commerce sites, this is a misconception.

It is really about specialists, from medical practitioners to beauty experts, making true connections through the medium of live video with existing and potential customers. It is sharing personalized recommendations, giving advice and showcasing their services.

Live video calling and face-to-face video discussions can help prepare clients’ physical appointments, elevating the customer experience to an unprecedented level.

VClerk is doing exactly that, enabling you to provide your clients with a more personalized offering and a face-to-face consultation. Just like they would enjoy if they walked into your practice or salon.

Why video appointments

Bringing offline services online

Personalised real time consultations and beauty tips have never been provided online in such a way before. Clients may come with any kind of demand. Now you can can demonstrate your expertise and suggest new products online, just like you would do it physically.

ROI you can measure

You can measure the performance of your appointment bookings and optimize them.

Simple discusion experience

Get closer to your clients and make them feel that you are there for them even if you are far away.

Up-sales and added sales

While consulting your clients before their visit, you can also advise them on available products or services that they can benefit from.

Zero overhead

No need to have a physical help center facility running. Your clients can easily contact and make an appointment with your salon or practice with just a tap or a click and meet with you face-to-face online.

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Why VClerk?

Provide your customers with 4k mobile streaming video quality.

You can tailor the widget with your own visuals and messaging, configure time slots, widget’s behaviour and many more.

As simple as installing a wordpress or woocommerce plugin or just a shopify app.

Only pay for the time you and your customers are talking face to face

Benefits in numbers

> 0 %
helps customers to decide
> 0 %
decrease of unnecessary visits to your store
> 0 %
of users say that having a real human talking to them is saving their time
> 0 %
of all video calls are accepted, 2/3 from mobile devices and 1/3 from desktop

video chats vs. text chats only = 1-0

Talking about medical or beauty services via text chat can be very hard to use. A picture equals a thousand words and that is why video is a clear winner in this field.


Really, really great to be talking with people like this! Both the customers and I enjoy it a lot. Especially nowadays when you don’t get to meet anyone”



“Super function for us in order to reach out to our customers face2face as we are kind of a niche-store that puts personal service and product-information as top priority.”



@ Revir Oslo AS

“This app is making customer service reach new heights! Simple to use and a great way to connect with customers. One step closer on making our ecommerce site feel like walking in to our local store.”




“It really helps eliminate seconds guesses if our customers can talk to us via video… We have made more money thanks to the app and easily pays for itself. I highly recommend VClerk.”



European Ecommerce Manager


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