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Connect with your candidates by making remote interviews easier than ever.

Start your meetings with candidates on the right foot by setting up remote interviews more easily than ever.
Meet with your candidates face to face at your company’s website, as you would at your company’s office. Now you can video-chat with them without previously having to share any links.  

VClerk allows you to meet more people wherever they are so you can hire the best

Works with every single website (CMS) provider and website builder.

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How it works


One click install on your company’s site


Go live or have your candidates book an appointment


Let your candidates continue browsing your company site


Video chat
without link sharing

Let your candidates meet with you face to face at your website, as they would at your company’s office, without previously having to share any video chat links

Present your business
to candidates!

Give your candidates and customers a feel of your company, online! Make it easier for them to understand your offering by showcasing your services, your products and their features.


Effortlessly interact with candidates as well as with customers who might opt for texting over voice and video while still offering the full features.

Why video Interviewing

No geographical constraints

Video interviewing can connect companies with candidates from around the globe, saving time and money they would otherwise have to be allocated for traditional in-person interviews.

Greater pool of candidates

Video Interviewing gives hiring managers access to a greater pool of candidates enabling them to hire the best available talent.

Fast Candidate Screening

Video Interviewing lets recruiters screen candidates quickly and efficiently in order to select the ones that are most qualified to proceed to the next stage.

Simple interviewing experience

Video Interviewing offers an effortless face-to-face experience for recruits and candidates alike with just one click.

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Why VClerk?

Provide your customers with 4k mobile streaming video quality.

You can tailor the widget with your own visuals and messaging, configure time slots, widget’s behaviour and many more.

As simple as installing a wordpress plugin or just a tag in Google’s Tag Manager

Only pay for the time you and your customers are talking face to face

Benefits in numbers

> 0 %
increase in number of candidate interviewed
> 0 %
of candidates say on-site video interviewing has given them better insight on the recruiting companies
> 0 %
of companies say that VClerk is making recruitment process much more efficient
> 0 %
of all video calls are accepted, 2/3 from desktop and 1/3 from mobile devices


Really, really great to be talking with people like this! Both the customers and I enjoy it a lot. Especially nowadays when you don’t get to meet anyone”



“Super function for us in order to reach out to our customers face2face as we are kind of a niche-store that puts personal service and product-information as top priority.”



@ Revir Oslo AS

“This app is making customer service reach new heights! Simple to use and a great way to connect with customers. One step closer on making our ecommerce site feel like walking in to our local store.”




“It really helps eliminate seconds guesses if our customers can talk to us via video… We have made more money thanks to the app and easily pays for itself. I highly recommend VClerk.”



European Ecommerce Manager


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New feature! Appointment booking.

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