A beautician’s secret on how her business flourished during lockdown!

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… And why she kept using the same tool after the lockdown

For many businesses, lockdown has been harsh. And not only was it hard for the businesses, but it also took a toll on their customers’ psychology that they couldn’t use their services.

It’s not hard to understand why when we are talking about beauty salons.

There are many women who visit a beauty salon for more than just a regular upkeep on their looks. Many women say that after visiting their favorite beauty salon they feel more confident and attractive.

Others say that an appointment for a treatment is a reminder to take care of themselves. 

How a beautician managed to not stop offering her services during lockdown!

During lockdown, Jane, a UK-based beautician, started receiving phone calls from her favorite clients, asking her about tips on how to do at-home treatments on their own, how to better take care of their skin and which products to use. 

Every beautician knows that proper consultation cannot be done over the phone.

A professional assessment needs to be done in detail and every person is unique in their own needs, so people really need personalized attention.

High quality video face-to-face chat became a go-to tool for Jane to book consultation appointments with her clientele.

It was the next best thing to having a real life treatment and her clients really appreciated the option to have personalized attention. Actually, they loved it so much that she decided to continue using it even after lockdown as she found that many clients had spread the word-of-mouth and she kept receiving appointments for video consultations.

Her clients use these appointments to show their skin, talk about their needs and book appointments for the right services.

Want to try it?

VClerk is a click & play video chat tool that you can add to your website without the need to install anything! It offers high quality video calls which makes it easy to see your client’s skin condition in detail. It is extremely easy to use, low cost and trusted by many professionals out there…

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