The new way hairdressing salons book appointments!

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Storytime! Are you ready?


A new customer books an appointment. The next day they enter your salon. Big sunglasses, latte in-hand and the MOST-DAMAGED-HAIR you have ever seen in your career!

“Make me blond”, she says… How blond could she mean?

“Platinum blonde”, she says.


Out of nowhere, the movie “Armageddon” comes to your mind…

“I could stay awake, just to hear you breathing…” starts playing in your head.

This is going to be a disaster and you have to save the day!

You see, hairdressers are unsung heroes. They make people look nice, feel great and every now and then, put some logic in their heads.

So, you try to advise your client that her hair will be destroyed. You spend quite some time talking with her and she finally understands. If she can’t go platinum blonde then she is fine leaving her hair as they are. You just saved someone’s hair and lost an appointment.

Dramatic scenes like these may or may not have happened in your career. But one thing’s for sure for every hairdresser: more often than not clients don’t know what they need and need your consultation.

The new way of booking appointments!

More and more salons and beauticians are using a new way of booking appointments with video face-to-face consultations. Every professional who has tried it says that their clients found the ability to show their hair before the day of the appointment very useful and the process very exciting. 

They said it resulted in booking more appointments in a more efficient way and allowed them to promote the correct services to them and even get pre-paid online.

Offering consultation before the client walks into the salons makes the clients happier, increases their trust and makes them more loyal. What is even more interesting is that during lockdown the video consultations were in high demand… Many hair stylists offered video one-on-one’s to guide their clients on how to take care of their hair.

Want to try it?

VClerk is a click & play video chat tool that you can add to your website without the need to install anything! It offers high quality video calls which makes it easy to see your client’s hair condition and color in detail. It is extremely easy to use, low cost and trusted by many professionals out there…

Book a free demo session now!

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