Tiffany’s offers virtual jewelry shopping appointments and now you can, too. Plus, at a fraction of the cost!

virtual jewelry shopping

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Jewellery experts and good salespeople are simply irreplaceable 

When it comes to jewellery shopping, the demand for virtual appointments was there even before Covid-19. For many people, shopping for jewellery is an investment and people want to do their research beforehand. Let’s face it, no matter how much information an online shop offers and how rich the descriptions are, it will never be able to take the place of a knowledgeable jewellery expert or a talented salesperson that makes the customer feel cared for and important.

A jewellery specialist can make all the difference in the sale of a luxurious piece of jewellery. It’s more than often that men find it difficult to choose jewellery for their partners and need all the guidance they can get from a salesperson that will ask questions like “what’s her style”, “what is your budget”, “does she wear any other jewellery that you’d like to match the new piece of jewellery with” and also highlight what is important about each product. 

And let’s face it, no matter how good the photography is, a video is worth a thousand takes! Ever wondered why these “unboxing” and “try-on” videos are so popular on youtube? That’s exactly the reason. You want to see how things really look before you buy them.

People seem to love video shopping for jewellery

Covid-19 made the need even bigger. People felt the need to show their affection through gift-buying more than ever and at the same time they couldn’t visit a store to buy gifts. Even when stores where people, according to some stats, more than 80% of the buyers avoided visiting them and preferred online shopping.

But even after Covid-19, not all buyers are covered by what their local market has to offer.

Do it like Tiffany’s 

Tiffany’s and other prominent jewelry chains very quickly started taking their services online. The process is simple. You book an appointment with an in-house expert and they consult you about the products you are interested in buying. 

But, you don’t have to be Tiffany’s to offer a virtual jewelry shopping experience. VClerk video shopping and chat tool will enable you to offer the same experience at a very low-cost or even free if you choose our free plan. If you have a shopify or woocommerce store you just download the plugin and in 3 minutes you will be able to offer video shopping in 4k quality. Ecommerce managers that have been using our video shopping tool have been experiencing a boost in their sales up to 40%! That’s because they can sell the product as it must and also guide people through the checkout process which is very helpful when you are selling high-ticket items. What they’ve also been experiencing by offering online consultations is better profits in their brick and mortar stores, too. People visit the stores knowing exactly what they want and ready to buy.


We left the best part for the end!

You can install it for free and have 30 video minutes of video calls every month for free. If you have a shopify or woocommerce eshop, the install is super easy. Find it here

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