How to customize your widget

How to customize your widget

Personalize your widget by adding a photo. You can also add customized messages to each and every page of your store. If you don’t add any picture or message the message box will not show – only the VClerk button with the video chat, appointment booking and text chat symbols according to your setting. If you would like to activate/deactivate chat or appointment booking please click HERE.
How to add your photo

1. Click on the PROFILE ICON placed on the TOP RIGHT CORNER of the dashboard.

2. Press “Settings”

3. Click on the ADD PHOTO on the bottom right of the profile icon image to add a photo or logo

4. Press CHANGE and choose a photo or logo from your files.

5. Click SAVE and the chosen image will be on your VClerk BUTTON (Widget)

How to change your messaging

1. Go to STORE SETTINGS, on the VERTICAL MENU BAR on the dashboard.


3. Open a NEW TAB and go to your WEBSITE.

4. COPY/PASTE the URL of the page where you would like the unique message to be visible.

5. WRITE your unique message in the message bar below.

6. Press SAVE

7. Click ADD MESSAGE – to add another unique message to another page on your site.

8. If you do not add any messages the widget will show the same DEFAULT MESSAGE on every page.

BE CREATIVE! Check out this blog post for tips to make your VClerk widget stand out! 

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