The vClerk Experience

Exceptional face to face customer service

Searching for a product – but can’t find the PERFECT one? Being a shopper can be troublesome and take incredible amounts of time. We google and search, browse store after store, page after page. The more we search the more insecure we get. Is this a trustworthy store? Is this the product I really want? Maybe the product in the previous store was the better one for me? Will they be able to ship it in time? The material, how is it really? If I buy this product, do I have the correct material to make it work?

The questions are mounting and in the end your customer gives up and goes to a place someone can answer their question instead – a brick and mortar store.

With VClerk online shopping frustrations will be a thing of the past. One easy click of a button and your customer can call you.  You will then help them find the perfect product in no time. Ask questions, search up the correct item and share it with them on your website. Give them peace of mind to make the purchase then and there.

The best part! Confident customers means better conversion, perfect products purchase means less returns and a substantially better bottom line for your store!